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In this corona disaster, video and online technology is indispensable for education and technological development to the next generation / current generation, and for disseminating Japanese culture. Looking ahead to the next-generation communication (5G) era, we would like to revitalize Japan and the hairdressing and beauty industry by transmitting technology and culture from this collection using video. At the same time, the "Japan Hair Collection" was born as a hair and fashion collection that serves as a basis for transmitting and exporting the wisdom cultivated with our predecessors to the world and as a guideline for beauty education and modes in the With Corona / After Corona era.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

General Manager of Fashion Policy Office, Commerce and Service Group

Mr. Toshimichi Matano


​Boblog TV

From the editorial department


Shinbiyo Editor-in-Chief

Ryo Kudo

Josei Mode

HAIR MODE editorial department

Aya Arimoto

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