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Create growth and fulfillment for each person and design life.

In 2013, a beauty salon [Lond] was opened in Ginza with 6 co-representatives. Aiming to be No. 1 in annual sales in the beauty industry, with the principle of employee first as the axis of management. Eight years have passed, and now it has 30 stores nationwide (including 2 eye salons) and 5 overseas stores, with about 250 staff. While focusing on daily salon work, he has expanded the field of activity of staff in various fields such as appearances in various hair shows, hair makeup of apparel brands including Tokyo, Paris, Milan collection, publication of trade magazines, national seminars, etc. ing. In addition, we are also focusing on SDGs such as product development related to hair, volunteer cutting to orphanages, use of renewable energy, etc. as CSR activities.

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