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Outline of the event

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Planning/Production:JAPAN HAIR COLLECTION PROJECT OFFICE(Japan Hair Collection Secretariat)


Sponsored by:Arimino Co., Ltd. / Kami Shobo Co., Ltd. /Creats Co., Ltd. /Nicca Chemical Co., Ltd. Demi-cosmetics Company / Gamo Co., Ltd. / Hikari Co., Ltd. / Jyosei Mode Co., Ltd. / Kami no Bunkasha Co., Ltd. / Kokusaibunka Technical College of Hairdesign / Milbon Co., Ltd.  / NAKANO seiyaku Co., Ltd. / Panasonic Beauty OMOTESANDO / Heritage Co., Ltd. / Seifert Co., Ltd. / Shinbiyo Publishing Co., Ltd. / coirparis Japon Co., Ltd. / Takara Belmont Co., Ltd. /[ABC order]

Special cooperation:Gamo Co., Ltd.


cooperation:Cosmo Co., Ltd. / Dahlia Co., Ltd. / Fujishin Co., Ltd. / Fuyuhiro Corporation / Kikuya Bisyodo Co., Ltd. / Mitsui Corporation Co., Ltd./ Hamono-ya Toginon Co., Ltd. [ABC order]


Organized by 14 artists in 2022 as an executive committee, together with partner companies[Japan Hair Collection Secretariat] was established. This activity is called [Japan Hair Collection Project], an organization that plans, manages and holds this collection, educates and disseminates from all over Japan to countries around the world, and exports and disseminates Japanese trends and culture overseas. Aim for As of 2023, the organizing committee has expanded to 20 artists, and will continue to develop further in the future.

Group name: Japan Hair Collection Secretariat [JAPAN HAIR COLLECTION PROJECT OFFICE]

Project name: Japan Hair Collection Project [JAPAN HAIR COLLECTION PROJECT]


Location: 3rd floor, Gallery Center Building, 6-3-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061


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