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December 4, 2022 (Sun) Deadline is approaching!
Appearance rights competition Instagram contest

The highest prize is

[Next Japan Hair Collection Appearance Right]

We have finished accepting applications.

Thank you very much for your application.

Award ceremony date and time: From 21:00 on Thursday, December 15, 2022


Announced on Youtube LIVE

Any age.

Beauty students, salon workers,Both the store manager and the new assistant.

Hair and makeup, freelance,Manicurist and eye designer.

For all those who aspire to hairdressing,have the right to participate.

A photo is fine. A video is fine too.

Cool Cute COOL! I give a design to feel,

with two hashtagsjust post.


For posts with hashtags,

Judging by cutting-edge creators of each generation who lead the industry.

Regardless of the format, the sex and number of videos, still images, models,

Even the theme of the work doesn't matter [the person seasonal feeling [feeling]]

Because the main focus is on looking at


This is a completely open contest where you compete not only on technique, but purely on "good taste and coolness".



[Each award]


Right to participate (appear) in the special contest frame


・ Partner prizes

・ Create / post special pages for winners and affiliated organizations on the official website

・ Coverage and articles on online media, etc.

・ Award commemorative official digital trophy badge, etc.

Post theme

Free expression

[I'm cool / cute / COOL! I think the design]


A person who has a hairdresser license or a person who is enrolled in a hairdressing school in Japan

Or a team mainly composed of the above-mentioned

Entry conditions

・ Meet the application requirements set by JAPAN HAIR COLLECTION .

・ You must be following the official Instagram account (@japanhaircollection) .

Works to be judged

From an account that can be viewed by judges on Instagram (public state)

Two specified hashtags


The work posted with the description.

Examination method

Instagram browsing review by professional judges and partner judges

Subject to examination

Special awards and awards by the judges

Examination period

First period: March 15, 2022

Second period: Coming soon

Third period: Coming soon

About the work

-Original photo image or video.

・ There is no distinction between salon style and creative style.

-Text and illustrations can be written.

・ You can freely process and express photographic images and videos.

-Both color / monochrome are possible.

-Model selection is borderless (no restrictions).

・ Team production is possible.

・ There is no limit on the production time.

・ Multiple posts are possible.

・ You can freely use the functions of Instagram.

・ The motifs and expressions of the works follow the Instagram posting rules.

About award-winning works

JAPAN HAIR COLLECTION Secondary use / publication in official media, SNS, advertisements, etc.

It may be posted on the partner media provided by the contest .

Please note.

About copyright / portrait rights

In recent years, copyright / portrait rights, including personal information, etc.

The handling of rights has become very strict.
To prevent troubles later

Be sure to be a cameraman, model, and related artist

Please obtain permission to use copyright / portrait rights.

About the contents and details of plans and prizes

Some changes may be made due to the circumstances of the provider.

Any changes will be posted on this official website.



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